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In individual psychotherapy, we work together to address your goals and desires for therapy. I view my role as your therapist as facilitating a process of self-understanding and emotional processing. I tailor all of my interventions to each individual client and together we collaboratively move through your journey together. I look to you for guidance on where we need to go and what we need to focus our work on. 

Practicing from an intersectional, feminist, and anti-oppressive lens I always bring the understanding of the role that structural oppression, both individual and intergenerational trauma, and other social and institutional forces play in the mental and emotional wellness of an individual. 

Areas of focus in my work:

  • Processing trauma (i.e., individual, shame-based, intergenerational, colonial, etc.) and breaking trauma-related patterns in our behaviours

  • Exploring internalized shame and self-esteem

  • Gaining insight about our internal emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and relational patterns

  • Exploring identities and building stronger relationships with self 

  • Increasing capacity for self care, coping, and maintaining emotional wellness 

  • Engaging with themes of sex, intimacy, dating, and navigating queer relationship / family structures

  • Understanding our behaviours that impact our functioning (e.g., substance use, disordered eating, etc.) and working towards meaningful change 

  • Learning to improve emotion regulation, and coping with depression, anxiety, dysphoria, and other difficult emotions

Fee: $170 per 50 minute individual session

Location: In-person sessions available in Toronto, ON. Virtual therapy is always an option to clients from across Canada. Please get in touch to inquire further about this option. 

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